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Marcus Dobeck-Sales/Service

Founder Marcus Dobeck has a long history with electronics. Starting with his Commodore VIC20 in the early 80s, he eventually became a significant part of his family business out west; a business which happened to be entirely focused on commercial 3d printing and other rapid prototyping technologies. With the use of his experience in the rapid prototyping and electronics industries, he decided to found Burning River Labs LLC in Cleveland to fulfill the needs of a growing market in a manufacturing rich town. Marcus had made significant contributions to the 3d printing industry over the years, not only in knowledge, but also in excitement and motivation. In his spare time, he really enjoys writing about himself in third person.


Tyler Brooks -Sales

Tyler is from Lafayette, IN and has moved all around the Midwest following his wife’s Ph.D career in Biochemistry.  He was the AV geek in his early years, but ended up with a dirt bike on his 13th birthday.  After that, he became interested in anything with wheels, which evolved into anything with pistons, finally morphing into anything with a motor. Tyler has extensive sales and marketing experience as well as a vast network of peers ranging from the Midwest all the way to the east coast, and really looks forward to that next road trip.


Tracy Ewing  -Online Sales/Marketing

Tracy is a 2004 graduate of Kent State University where she obtained her bachelor’s in Business Administration.She has 10+ years of experience in administrative and customer service roles. In her spare time, Tracy loves to do anything competitive or spend time with her little pug, aptly named Pugsly.

Mike Nolan -Service

Michael Nolan is no stranger to the mechanical and electronic service industry. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1997 and went on to focus on architectural drawings. Mike has experience with everything from rebuilding laser systems to metal fabrication. In his spare time, he races his 1984 Dodge Colt at the local track.


Burning River Labs LLC

While Burning River Labs is a sales company, our goal is to provide an all inclusive solution to laser and 3d printing systems. Not just sell you a laser. As you may have noticed, we try not to refer to the devices as “machines” but rather “systems” indicating our focus on a complete solution for your company including any setup, service, consumables, and additional devices you may need.