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Master Series Dual Head + Dual Tubes
Two laser heads with two independent laser tubes/power supplies doubles production speed and increases reliability through redundancy. The Master Series of lasers are designed for high speed cutting applications.

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  • 180W of Laser Cutting Power (2x 90w)
  • two laser heads and two tubes double your production speed
  • generous 51″x34″ base working area
  • front to back pass through to accommodate any length material
  • Highest quality optics for the smallest spot size
  • Matched Custom Laser Power Supply to deliver even continuous laser power
  • Superior Dual Processor + DSP Optimized Vector Path Cutting for the fastest / smoothest cutting
  • Easy to use digital console
  • Superior Build Quality with Patented High Speed Gantry Rails
  • Ethernet and USB connections options
  • Includes Exhaust Ventilation System, Refrigerated Water Chiller, Air Compressor Pump